Our cornerstone of success is our manufacturing capabilities. Our globally facilities maintain a highly competitive cost structure, a lower cost base with greater efficiencies in our production lines and robust purchasing power.

One of our key competitive strengths is to provide our customers with a greater degree of flexibility in customizing orders for their different collections in one container shipment. This is made possible by our automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS), which enables us to automatically store, track and retrieve every product manufactured at our facilities. This “consolidated direct container” service highlights our advanced logistics and warehousing capabilities, strengthening our competitiveness and operating efficiency.

Our manufacturing process is meticulously monitored and implemented by a specialized team to meet all our output requirements. We also select our raw materials suppliers based on a stringent criteria that includes but not limited to price, quality and delivery.

Critical to our success, we focus on quality control by implementing rigorous quality control processes to assist in the development and production of high quality products and to reduce the rate of return of our products. Our quality control team, both internal and external, ensures our products are delivered to our customers in flawless condition.


Lacquer Craft is Samson’s manufacturing division located in Jiashan, China. In addition, we also have...

Warehouse & Logistic

We utilize an advanced technology for our warehousing and logistic systems. Provide an advantage for our customers to...