Corporate Governance

The decisions of our business and corporate affairs are monitored by the overall direction of the Board of Directors. As a commitment to maintain the highest corporate governance standards, the Board has established an audit committee, a remuneration committee and a nomination committee to be responsible in their respective areas.

Board Committees

Audit Remuneration Nomination
Samuel Kuo (Shan Huei Kuo)
Grace Liu (Yi-Mei Liu)
Mohamad Aminozzakeri
William Pan (Sheng Hsiung Pan)
Andrew Kuo (Ming-Jian Kuo)
Kevin Lau (Siu Ki Lau)
SY Wu (Sui-Yu Wu)

= Chair of the Board

= Chair

= Member


Audit Committee - Terms of Reference
Nomination Committee - Terms of Reference
Remuneration Committee - Terms of Reference